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Haiti Community Leader Se JanvierFeatured Haiti Community Leader:
Sé Janvier

Sé Janvier, our Thomassique Klorfasil and Bon Sel Coordinator* in Haiti, does much to improve the health of villagers in her community through the work she does. She recently shared her thoughts with us about working with St. Joseph Clinic.

Why did you start working for St. Joseph Clinic?

The Thomassique Water Coordinator position was originally held by my sister. I had watched her do the reports and had gone with her on home visits and so, when she left Haiti, I knew it was something I could do--work I wanted to continue. 

What is your favorite part of the job? 

Thomassique is my home and because of all the home visits I do, I feel very included in the community. It is my job to encourage health and to make sure people understand the risks of not treating their water, but at the same time I get to visit old friends and make new friends. Also encouraging people and letting them know Klorfasil and Bon Sel is available and easy! It makes me feel good to know I am helping my community, my home.

Community Healthcare Worker in Rural Haiti- - - - -

*About our programs:

The Water Purification Program educates about the importance of using safe water, and promotes the use of Klorfasil (a water purification system) throughout the villages of Thomassique.

The Bon Sel (Good Salt) Program provides a fortified salt to prevent conditions that are endemic in Haiti, Iodine deficiency (essential for brain development), and the parasitic disease Lymphatic Filariasis (aka Elephantiasis).


23 aug 17 @ 9:22 pm 

Program Update: Maternity and Infant Care Program

Our Maternity and Infant Care Program at St. Joseph Clinic in Thomassique, Haiti, is currently staffed by 3 full-time midwives and a nurse skilled in midwifery who provide pre-natal consultations, assist with births, and conduct education sessions on postpartum and newborn health.

Newborn at St Joseph Clinic in Haiti The growth of this program since 2012 has been made possible by support from foundations committed to working with us to improve maternal and infant care in the region, by having experienced midwives on staff at the Clinic, training traditional birth attendants to work in Thomassique's outlying villages, and ensuring availability of medicines needed for prenatal and postnatal care.

In the first six months of 2017 (January through June), 200 babies were born at the Clinic, and in the outlying villages of Thomassique, our Matwons (Traditional Birth Attendants) have facilitated 688 at-home births!

With 75% of births in the region taking place in the home, extending maternal care to the outlying villages by training Matwons has become an important way for the Clinic to help women in remote villages have safe deliveries, and reduce maternal and infant mortality in the community.

In May 2017, our 4th class of Matwons completed their 22 weeks of training, and these 15 new Matwons joined the 29 who were previously trained, as they bring their new skills to help improve maternal and infant care throughout the region.

The Matwons come to the Clinic each month for additional education sessions, and to meet with the Clinic midwives. They also pick up "clean birthing kits" to use for the month.

Maternity and Infant Care Staff at St Joseph Clinic in Haiti


16 aug 17 @ 5:31 pm 

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