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The Red Cross and Haiti's Minister of Health partner with
St. Joseph Clinic on Cholera Treatment Center Improvements

In response to the cholera outbreak in November 2010 after the earthquake in Haiti, a Cholera Treatment Center was established at St. Joseph Clinic. Doctors Without Borders first put up temporary UNICEF tents that served as an isolated cholera ward, and later built the current Cholera Treatment Center which consists of a cluster of buildings.

St. Joseph Clinic Cholera Treatement Center in HaitiThe Clinic has had only a few cholera patients in recent months, but the Center is still used for patients suffering from any contagious conditions where isolation from others is required.

The Red Cross and Haiti’s Ministry of Public Health and Population (MSPP) are now partnering with St. Joseph Clinic to refurbish and improve the Center.

It is not unusual for another outbreak to occur a few years after the initial outbreak, when villagers’ immunity has worn off, so these improvements will have the region more prepared for any future outbreaks.

This reflects a significant step forward in the future growth and stability of St. Joseph Clinic and its services, as the Clinic is seen and valued as an integral part of the healthcare system in Haiti’s Central Plateau region.



3 jan 19 @ 8:53 pm 

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