Newsletter - December 2010

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-    Cholera Update

-    Chief Engineer’s Report

-    Chapter News

-    Report on Third World Medicine Conference

-    Preparing for a Surgical Trip

-    Maintaining Clinic Facilities


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President’s Message

Gilbert R. Irwin, MD

In an effort to minimize cost and to maximize donations given directly to people in need, Medical Missionaries has changed the format of the newsletter and will be making better use of the internet.  Now a short message, an outline of current topics, will be reported with reference to more detailed information to be found in the full Newsletter on our website:

Medical Missionaries continues to deal with the aftermath of the January 12, 2010 earthquake. The organization sent over 120 doctors, nurses, and other volunteers for 3 months following the quake. Professional healthcare and construction teams continue to work with the people of Thomassique and refugees at the clinic and six new smaller satellite centers in the surrounding area.  The clinic in Thomassique Haiti which provides healthcare to 125,000 people in the area sustained damage to the water tower which is in the process of being repaired. Work is almost complete on the 20 bed addition to the clinic for overnight stays.

A household water program now includes 1500 families and continues to expand. Ionized salt containing a medicine to prevent filiriasis (mosquito transmission) is also active in these areas. School lunch programs and a supplemental nutrition program for starving infants continue to thrive. Medical Missionaries has received for the third time a USAID food grant for the mountain areas around Banica , Dominican Republic . This program will provide 94 metric tons of dehydrated soup for the people.

Three new global fellows now preside in Haiti, Emily Dansereux, Fidel Desir, and Brian Dierks. Brian is the latest acquisition working primarily on engineering and vehicle problems. Brian was one of the earthquake responders from Colorado and recognized the need for sustained support. Emily and Fidel are heavily involved with healthcare issues and pharmacy and supply inventory control. These activities are crucial to the daily operation of the clinic.

Haiti is now faced with another major problem beyond earthquakes and hurricanes in the form of CHOLERA. This disease causes rapid dehydration which can culminate in death if fluids are not reversed. Once again this year this unexpected tragedy has put tremendous strain on the people of Haiti and the attempts to help them. The volunteers have made major strides in the response to the epidemic with additional teams from the USA going to Haiti . The work of the new fellows in particular is to be highly commended in their young careers in medicine. They have rallied to the challenge in which they have been immersed.

The Education Medical Mission Conference was conducted November 2010. The conference speakers from local universities, Walter Reed Army Institute of Research and NIH provided updates on relative topics in the care of patients in the Third World. Providing continuity of care to Third World patients is extremely complex where there is little infrastructure. Please go to the Medical Missionaries website for detailed reports on the above items.

All the volunteers appreciate your help in directly supporting so many poor people around the world. In order to continue these programs we depend on your future donations. Be assured that your donation is going help people in need with 99.6% of every dollar going directly to our programs. Medical Missionaries is a 100% volunteer organization with very minimal overhead. God bless you and your families for your support.

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