Medical Missionaries was established as a 501(c)(3) company in 1997 by Gilbert Irwin, MD, an Internist in Manassas, Virginia.  Dr. Irwin was asked to help improve the quality of health services in Banica and Pedro Santana, the Dominican Republic.  While there, he saw the plight of Haitians who live in the Central Plateau, just across the Artibonito River from Banica.  By 2007, Medical Missionaries had built a clinic (hospital) in Thomassique, Haiti, the first medical facility in this town of more than 85,000 residents.  Including neighboring towns and outlying villages, the clinic serves an estimated 125,000 people.  Medical Missionaries continues to pay the salaries of the twenty-four Haitian staff members at the Clinic and to enhance their work with visiting teams of U.S. Doctors, dentists, and nurses.  It also continues to work in Banica and Pedro Santana, Dominican Republic.

Once Medical Missionaries began to collect medicines and medical supplies, and developed experience in packaging and shipping those supplies, other medical organizations approached to ask for help from Medical Missionaries.  Consequently, the organization has sent medicines and medical supplies to over one hundred (100) affiliated medical teams that work in 36 different countries around the world.  In Haiti alone, its partnerships with other organizations allow Medical Missionaries to reach 30% of the Haitian population.

In other parts of the world, Medical Missionaries partners with yet other medical organizations to build and supply clinics via sea container shipments of medical supplies and equipment, especially in areas that previously lacked any medical care infrastructure.

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