Newsletter - November 2013


President’s Message

In Memoriam:
Robert Wilson

Service In The U.S.:
Continuing to help the poor in many parts of the U.S.

Dental Service In Thomassique: Two dental trips provide the only dental care for many

Midwife Visits Clinic:
A volunteer nurse/lay midwife from the U.S. worked with Clinic staff and village workers

Serving Patients In Thomassique And The Villages: The Fellows report on bringing Clinic programs to patients close to home

Welcomed In Haiti:
A volunteer describes her adjustment to life in Haiti

An Invitation To “Adopt A Village”Extending Health Care in Rural Haiti: A new opportunity to help the rural poor

Upcoming Fundraisers
Mark your calendars!

President’s Message

The volunteers of Medical Missionaries continue to address the NEEDS of the People despite the on going recession and the government shut down. None of the volunteers receive any pay for their work but give freely of their time, resources, and treasure because the NEED is ALWAYS THERE and it is the right thing to do! The NEED for basic food, health care, and shelter is required for survival. All the donors to Medical Missionaries can be very proud of the work of our volunteers and their decision not to walk away and quit in face of adversity.

Although Medical Missionaries is a small non-profit with exceptionally low overhead expenses (99 cents of every dollar donated goes directly to the people), the organization has touched thousands of lives locally, nationally and internationally. This year alone, health supplies and equipment have been donated to disaster relief in New Jersey, Indian reservations in Oklahoma, Hospice patients in Northern Virginia and New England. Two times a month or more, truckloads of household items, clothing, etc., are distributed to villages in western West Virginia. Local health departments and Hospice groups call on Medical Missionaries for health supplies and equipment frequently.

Internationally, Medical Missionaries continues to be the only health care institution for 125,000 people in Thomassique, Haiti. The challenges there are great but are being met by the staff of our St. Joseph Clinic and the eight teams of volunteers who have traveled to Thomassique this year. In addition, five West African nations have received sea containers of health-related items to build infrastructure in very poor areas where there is no health care.  Most recently, relief supplies have been sent to the victims of the typhoon in the Philippines.

Additional information on all these subjects can be found on our website,, and in the articles in this Newsletter.  They bring home to you what a volunteer program is all about, doing the right thing to help the "Poorest of the Poor." The last few years have been difficult for charities, with the on-going recession, but the volunteers of Medical Missionaries have persisted. Remember that if you can help, your dollar will get maximum benefit directly to the PEOPLE.

With the approaching holidays, please make a donation to Medical Missionaries so these programs can continue. I also invite you to mark your calendars for our two major fundraising events: a raffle for a Caribbean cruise (deadline: December 30, 2013, so order your tickets now) and our Spring Gala (April 26, 2014).

May God Bless you for your sacrifices.

Gilbert R. Irwin, MD
President, Medical Missionaries

P.S.: If you are doing estate planning at this time of the year, please consider including Medical Missionaries in your will to help us continue our commitment to helping the poor.

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