Vaccinations For Mother And Child


St. Joseph Clinic continued to serve as a coordinating site for the Ministère de la Santè Publique et de la Population (MSPP, the Haitian Ministry of Health) vaccination program. Mis Sylvie, the MSPP nurse in charge of overseeing vaccinations in Thomassique, dispensed vaccinations at the Clinic every Monday and Friday. She continued to operate out of a designated space at the Clinic where the vaccinations are stored along with syringes, ice packs, and insulated transport containers.

Not only does Mis Sylvie administer vaccines for over hundreds of mothers each month, she also collects and synthesizes the data for the 10+ Community Health Workers providing vaccinations in the area—which includes the five Community Health Workers (CHWs) on staff at St. Joseph’s Clinic.

CHWAdministersVaccination.jpgThis past quarter our CHWs completed the second trimester of the Performance Based Financing (PBF) program, which is a collaborative initiative between St. Joseph’s Clinic and MSPP. A critical component of this initiative is the expansion of access to vaccines for infants and pregnant mothers in the area. In addition to providing vaccinations in the town where they are based, each of our CHWs holds vaccination days in two to three supplementary locations each month. In total, our dedicated CHWs administered vaccinations in 17 localities this past quarter. During vaccination days, the CHWs also provide health education sessions for new mothers and screen children for malnutrition. If a child is found with severe malnutrition—determined by calculating their BMI or by their Mid-Upper Arm Brachial Circumference—he or she is referred to the malnutrition program (Medika Mamba) at the Clinic. By incorporating education and malnutrition screening into the vaccination days in the community, our CHWs are optimizing their exposure to this distinct patient population. We hope to continue to utilize these multi-faceted approaches to increase the efficacy of our maternal and infant care in the area of Thomassique.

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