Medika Mamba - A Life-saving Nutritional Supplement


Our Medika Mamba program, combatting acute child malnutrition in the Central Plateau, continues to function under the direction of our nurse, Mis Solane, with measured success.

Medika Mamba is a Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food created by Meds & Food for Kids and currently distributed in Haiti through the Ministry of Health (MSPP). Creole for “peanut butter medicine,” Medika Mamba is a lipid nutritional supplement in the form of small packets that can be easily distributed and utilized. While contingent on the parent or caretaker’s ability to bring a child to the Clinic every week, a typical course of Medika Mamba treatment is around four to six weeks. Throughout the duration of their enrollment in the program, children can, and often are required to, consult with a St. Joseph’s doctor at the Clinic or mobile clinic for free.

Our Medika Mamba program began in 2008 and continues to care for 30+ children each month. While our Community Health Workers actively detect malnourished children during home visits and vaccine days, our Clinic physicians simultaneously screen patients at weekly mobile clinics.

Medika Mamba Nutrition Packets
Bags of Medika Mamba Packets
Assessing A Child For Malnutrition



The Clinic’s Medika Mamba program emphasizes the importance of patient follow-up.  We encourage Mis Solane to perform at least one home visit for each child in the program. During these visits, she assesses the child’s appetite within the home and determines where and what food the child has access to on a daily basis. In addition to her evaluation, she gives each Medika Mamba family a bar of soap and a Klorfasil chlorine dispenser (the method of in-home water purification endorsed and sold by the Clinic).

In a recent month, for example, Mis Solane followed-up on two siblings who had failed to meet their weekly appointments and had thereby abandoned the program. After searching for and identifying their house, she learned that the children’s parents had passed away and that an aunt was assuming the responsibility for their care. After questioning neighbors and finally locating the aunt in a different zone of Thomassique, Mis Solane was happy to report the re-admittance of our two “lost” patients, who are now moving towards meeting their BMI goals. 

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