Unloading The Sea Container

Medical Missionaries sends sea containers of medicines, medical supplies, medical equipment, and clothing to many countries, many times each year.  Often those sea containers are sent to the Dominican Republic, with supplies for Medical Missionaries' work there and in Haiti.  One container was sent to the Dominican Republic in January 2009.  It cleared customs in Santo Domingo and arrived in Banica on April 3, just as a team of doctors and nurses was preparing to leave Banica and head back to the United States.  This is the story of how they, with the help of several Dominican men, unloaded the sea container before leaving Banica.

Besides boxes of medicine and clothes, the container had many large, heavy, bulky items such as gurneys, computers and monitors, exam tables, and chairs.

Some of the contents challenged even the strongest of the workers.  These larger tables will go to the diocese of Hinche (Haiti) for use in a hosptial there.

Not everything arrived in the same condition as it was when packed, but everything survived the trip.

After about an hour and a half of unpacking, you could almost see the other end of the container.  But some of the heaviest materials remained to be unpacked, including a 10 meter satellite dish and a generator.

The two-thousand pound generator, bound for Salterdere (Haiti), was the very last item out of the container.  Once that was on the Medical Missionaries truck, everyone gave a sigh of relief.

The materials destined for Banica were stored under the covered pavilion, mainly to protect the computers (in the boxes on the tables) from rain.

The materials bound for Hinche were stored in the open but were covered to protect them until a truck from Hinche would arrive to pick them up.

When everything was unpacked and covered, Dr. Gil made a last inspection and gave his thumbs-up to the unpacking.

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